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Adam Forgey, PGA

Fairfield Glade Manager of Player Development

(931) 707-2134



Individual                                            $65 (50 min.)

Series (3)                                             $180 (expires 1 year)

Playing Lesson                                   $65 (1 hour)     $130 (2 hours)

Trackman                                            $100 

Trackman Series (3)                            $270 (Series of 3)

CLINICS (April-September, conducted by the assistant golf professional at each course)

$20    (Call the course to sign up)

Monday           Stonehenge   931-484-3731          Full Swing Woods

Tuesday           Dorchester     931-484-3709          Full Swing Irons

Wednesday     Druid Hills      931-484-3711          Beginner Fundamentals

Thursday          Heatherhurst 931-484-3799          Short Game Fundamentals


Full Bag                                               $55

Irons/Hybrid Set                                 $35

Driver, Putter or Wedge                    $25 each

If you are interested in PXG, contact Adam to learn about our partnership with their company.  



Classes will start on Feb 7th and 9th.

Feb 7th There will be a class  starting at 1:00pm and 2:30 pm

(5 students per class)

Feb 9th will be at 1:00pm and 2:30pm( 5 students per class)


Cost of the class is $350 for 4 weeks (Training sticks included $220 value)


Email  for more question or to sign up for a class.


If you will miss a class that will be okay. You can do the training on your own with my instruction, but really should be there for the first one.

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