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What If You Come For A Visit And Don’t Want To Leave?


You’d be surprised how many Fairfield Glade visitors have made their favorite getaway, their home-to-stay. It happens often enough that we initiated our Ambassador Program, a great resource for anyone who may be entertaining ideas of becoming a permanent resident. Our Ambassadors are Fairfield Glade homeowners who happily volunteer their time to meet and discuss what living here is like. They’ll answer your questions frankly and honestly and provide an inside perspective on Tennessee and Fairfield Glade as a place to call home.


If you would like more details on Fairfield Glade but don’t wish to meet with an Ambassador resident just yet, there is more information available and it is easy to access. Simply click on the links below. The first link will take you to a 2-page summary…”What is Fairfield Glade/History of Fairfield Glade.”


The second link contains a log-in and password you can use as a non-resident, to access the “Member Log-in” found at the top of this page. There is a wealth of information on the member side that you can explore at your leisure.

If you’d like to schedule a meeting with an Ambassdor resident, please click on Meet with an Ambassor.  After you submit the form, an Ambassador will normally contact you within three days.

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